Laboratory & Workshops

for students it is Necessary to do practical work at mechnical work shop for becoming the best of the technical talent & trained technicians. technical knowledge which is given in mechanical work shop plays a pivotal role in developing the all manufacturing & maintenance sector as well as the society Which ultimately contributes to the progress of country.


Young generation has a lot of magnitude but lack of direction, if suitable direction provide to these young ignited minds they can achieve the height which is they deserve. Work shop is dedicated to fulfill the goal of engineering & technology. We Produce out student with high quality technical Knowledge along with high moral values, Discipline & good ethics.
» with this Sound Practical Knoledge Of Dofferent Machine Tools.
» We Make our Student a Symbol of Perfect Engineering Student For The Service of Society & Nation on The International Horizon.
» Our Student Serve the Purpose of Employer More Sincerely.


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Lab
Area : 151.28 sq.m
Major Equipment : arc welding machine

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Lab
Area : 102.48 sq.m
Major Equipment : network theory and power electronics trainer board