Sports and Games

"A healthy mind keeps in healthy body." Keeping this fact The sports committee orgagizes various sports activities during annual function. The committee is objected to provide sports facitilies to the students as a part of curriculum. The various types of sports activites like Table tenis, Bed minton, Chess, Carrom, Discus throw, Jevelin throw, Hammer throw etc. are being conducted in college campus. All students are free to participate in the activities of their choice. The committee also seeks the support and guidance of sports experts time to time.

Why Sports Impotant for student

"The power of the human will to compete and the drive to excel beyond the body's normal capabilities is most beautifully demonstrated in the arena of sport." ---Aimee Mullins The Institute offers many opportunities for students to enjoy their leisure time. Sport and recreational activities are central to student life. The Institute has facilities for indoor and outdoor sports. Shajapur polytechnic college having multipurpose sports facility for table tennis, basketball, chess and badminton. The sports officer Shri Sureh Jeenwal managed the sports activity under the supervision of principal Shajapur polytechnic college. The Physical Education Department strives hard to bring out the innate talents of all players, which is the goal and also the quality policy of this college. The Boys and Girls who join this College are selected for the different Outdoor and Indoor games based on their earlier exposure at school level. The new players for the various sports and games are picked up by the interest evidenced by them in sports activities. The selected students are given rigorous training and coaching by the Physical Education department a part from few theory classes to enlighten them about the rules of the games. Our students have bagged good winning records at the inter-departmental, inter-collegiate, University and National leves. The achievements of players have been classified on the basis of Sports Games.