Give Your Feedback ( Note: only for Alumni)

Dear Alumni,
For each of the following item, please tick in appropriate column for indicating your level of agreement:

Give your views on the given points.

1. If you believe that this sentence is the best among the arrangements you have seen till date, please click on "Excellent".
2. If you believe that this sentence is something good in the arrangements you have seen but little effort is needed, please click on "Good".
3. If you believe that this system is not the answer but not bad, please click "Average".
4. If you think that this system is bad, to improve it, please click "Fair".
5. If you believe you do not want to say anything, please click "Poor".

1. How do you find relevance of the curriculum of your diploma with respect to your current Job.

2. Is knowledge gained in Institute relevant to your present job

3. Various activities organized by the Institute is sufficient for overall development of students

4. How do you rate the various facilities like Library, sports, laboratories, computer and Internet etc in the Institute

5. 5 How do you rate placement opportunities in the institution

6. Overall rating of the Institution

Please let us know in what way you would like to associate with the Institute –

Please give your valuable suggestions for improvement of the Institution, if any